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Good Shepherd Sisters IRELAND

A person is of more value than a world

Good Shepherd Sisters Support the Turn Off The Red Light Campaign.

The Irish Government is currently reviewing the legislation on prostitution in Ireland. Turn Off The Red Light  (TORL) is a campaign to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland.

It is being run by a new alliance of civil society organisations who believe that trafficking women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation is a modern, global form of slavery and that the best way to combat this is to tackle the demand for prostitution by criminalising the purchase of sex.

Good Shepherd Sisters in Ireland supports this campaign and encourages people to visit the TORL campaign website  and lobby their local public representative to support a change in the law to ensure that traffickers, pimps and organised crime no longer see Ireland as a soft target.

Supporting women affected by prostitution and trafficking.

Ruhama a member of the TORL campaign was founded as a joint initiative of the Good Shepherd Sisters and Our Lady of Charity Sisters, both of which had a long history of involvement with marginalised women, including those involved in prostitution.

Ruhama is a Dublin-based NGO which works on a national level with women affected by prostitution. Ruhama provide a service to women who are currently involved in on-street and off-street prostitution, women who are exiting prostitution, women who are victims of sex trafficking and women who have a history of prostitution. For more information visit